Far and Few Between……

I have to tell you that it didn’t occur to me to write anything until my oldest granddaughter was born and I got one of those books, “Grandmother Remembers”.  So I sat down with it and an awesome pen, and I stared and I stared and I stared.  It asks you questions and you are supposed to fill it out.  Easy.  Right?  Bullshit.  It threw me into such a horrible depression that I couldn’t get through the first page.   “What is your favorite childhood memory of your Father?”   Hmmmmmm, running like hell when we saw his truck coming up the lane?  Don’t get me wrong.  I came to terms with my childhood years ago, because after all the past is behind me and it is over.  But God save me-I don’t want to relive it or remember it.  Then it occurred to me that I just THOUGHT I had comes to terms with it, when the reality is I have been ignoring it.  Blocking it from my memory.  So five grandbabies later, here it goes.  The story of my childhood, adolescence, teenage age years and early adulthood.  The best I can remember it.  So fasten your seatbelts-it’s going to be a bumpy ride…..


About myway77

I am a 56 year old Mother of 2, Step-Mother of 3, Grandmother of 6. After 23 years of being a Cosmetologist/Nail Tech/Esthetician I recently started a whole new career with an Amazing company. This is the story of where and how I started and the long road to where I am. One thing has always remained a constant in my life-my 1st Cousin and Best Friend "Liza Jane" or Leisa Carroll-my #1 partner in crime !
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